Wise owl knows best


A wise owl knows when something is wrong, but as was recently pointed out in a comment posted on my blog “society is too distracted and disinterested.” However, this is usually the way it is and change can take a long while to occur.

Give thought to these popular song lyrics and make up your own mind. It’s a right word choice.

I just want to be a woman
It’s all I wonna be is all woman

Neil Diamond
Girl you’ll be a woman soon
Soon you’ll need a man

Helen Reddy
I am woman hear me roar

Cliff Richard
She’s just a devil woman

Blah! Is this what you really want?

So let’s change English language and say no to woman and yes to a better word.

That word is Vef

Writing by Michelle J. Voynet

Copyright © Vef Foundation 2013-2016



Published by

Michelle J. Voynet

Michelle Voynet is an author, blogger and writer. Gender equality is achievable only when coequal (non sexist) words are used in our language. This includes all gender related words that are printed, spoken or written.

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