Vef Foundation is a global community project seeking to clearly define a word. So we are talking about using right words and proper language to make gender equality happen. Get involved in some way either by donation or becoming a member.

Oh! What is this word?



(1.) a sense or notion of being as one with Vef. (2.) person having a Vef state of mind. (3.) the glory of a deity called Vef.

Vef celebration, Vef jubilation, Vef sensation.

Below is a glossary of terms used in this blog.

feme = female
huon = human
huonity = humanity
ourkind = mankind
vef = woman (I’m sure of the right word.)
vaf = women (So it’s the word I prefer.)

Vef examines language and changes any words that are unsatisfactory.

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Betty Savourdou, Cindy Horton, Jelena Jaric, Susan Axton.
Image credit. ALAYA GADEH & Elizabeth May

Vef was created and given its meaning by Michelle Voynet in 2008. Copyright © Vef Foundation 2013-2017. All Rights Reserved. No part of this website may be reproduced without our express consent. Backlinks are permitted. Vef is a non-profit organization.



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