Wish to express my gratitude


I’m sitting quietly at home on a pleasant morning and thoughts are of lovely friends. I commenced this blog twenty-one months ago and wish to express my gratitude. I’ve received so much joy from being part of the WordPress community. Oh! It hasn’t been without occasional frustration but still an adventure worth embarking upon.

Gender equality is a subject I’m passionate about and I will continue to research and write for years to come. Don’t think I’ll ever run out of ideas for new articles. Vef can seem like an absurd word however it has expanded my knowledge of language.

This week I’ve completed moving from one WordPress account to another. I know everything on page looks the same but underneath it’s all different. The only noticeable change is missing likes on posts as they don’t migrate when a blog is moved. During this process I had lots of help from happiness engineers. It’s complicated and I’d much rather write poetry than learn computer code. I’ll get busy on a poem tomorrow.

I’d like to thank followers who continue to encourage me to keep going with my book. I smile within at every comment on Vef’s posts. I’ve met some beautiful people during my online time here @ WP.com

So overall it’s an amazing creative writing experience.

Thanks for reading .. Haha!



Blog is moving: So please follow


Well after months of pondering I’ve decided to combine my WordPress blogs into one website. It hasn’t been easy to make this choice as I love both of these blogs and their personal written content. What I am going to do is this. In an hour or two I will buy site re-direct and give it a go.

Oh! It’s a lot of work but I’m ready to give this a good try. My other blog is taking shape and I can easily move pictures and words. Many of you already follow both blogs and I’m sure it will be for the best if I only have one blog to manage in future. Can I now say thanks to everyone one of you. This is a wonderful trip and the journey is not yet over.

I’ve enjoyed the many comments and likes. I’m making a list of all blogs that follow this blog and will be following them back shortly. I recently upgraded to a premium theme and last month Trademark approval was granted. I’d be wise to integrate my limited time and resources in the one place. It will be a true delight in anyone’s language to see you over at my other blog when the move is complete or even before.

Happy writings

Vef ❤

Image credit: Art by Shirley Reade


Speak another word instead of woman


This word came to mind a long time ago and now it has become a part of my vocabulary. As a matter of fact I have a general aversion to using woman as a term. When I have thoughts (often) my brain knowingly converts woman to vef and when I read the same process occurs. Listening to radio or watching television are unpleasant experiences for me due to my dislike of the ugly word woman. Can’t take it anymore. Grrr. Oops! Did I offend anyone? Well I’ve got to tell you that back in 1980s I published a series of printed journals with woman in the title. I knew then what I know now and that woman just wasn’t quite right. It doesn’t sit correctly with my notion of proper language in the context of gender equality.

Woman derives from an old English word wifman and means man + wife. Actually woman implies ‘of man’ and it is a possessive noun that belongs only to man. Woman is obsolete and has passed its use by date. Vef belongs to herself and this present-day word replaces woman. Vaf (plural) belong to themselves and this word takes the place of women. I’ve borrowed a passage from an Agatha Christie novel and typed feme instead of woman. So please enjoy reading about feminism in a story the next time you pick up a good book.

Oh yes! I can speak another word and do so on a daily basis. Ha!Ha!

Creative writing by Michelle Voynet


Getting it right with language


Okay! Let’s get it right with language from the start. Gender equality is possible only when girls stop using man’s language and begin speaking Vef’s language. Say no to words like female, human, mankind, womanly, etc.

Girls have to do it for themselves. Use these better words: feme, huon, ourkind, vemly, etc.

So this is what Neil Armstrong should have said (correctly) when he stepped onto the surface of the moon back in July 1969. “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for ourkind.”

Language has subtle yet powerful ways of influencing our behavior and values. This is why certain words are deemed socially unacceptable and have been replaced by more appropriate expressions.

For example: ‘Negro’ becomes ‘African American’.

I think it’s time to let go of woman as it doesn’t make sense for gender equality to have any language bias attached.

Woman is an obsolete word and it refers to man + wife. (Domestic servant, sex object). I prefer to use wigen in place of wife. I’ll explain my reasons in a future blog post.

Our language shapes our thoughts and nouns which are given male or female status contribute to gender inequality.

Vef is a proper word that will inevitably replace woman. There is sound reasoning and an exact formula behind creation of this word. Vef Foundation is all about gender equal rights and opportunities.

So I have reached a logical conclusion that our organization is getting it right with (unbiased) language. What do you say?

Feminism in writing by Michelle Julia Voynet