Let’s make this word simply


Okay let’s discuss gender equality but first I’d like to talk about Vef and I’ll say it clear. When you take two beginning letters out of the word fertility (which are ‘fe’) then add V from Venus and spell it backwards the consequence is Vef. So tell me, could any other word be more right to inevitably replace woman? Yes it’s that easy – a new word is made simply.

Creative writing by, Vef

Digital art: Alexandra V Bach



Staying alive and breathing


I’d like to share these chosen words of wisdom. Sometimes life is too much and breathing is the last thing I want to do. But I just have to keep on staying alive. So I’ll take a deep breath and enjoy the aroma of lovely pink flowers.

You are a conscious living entity
The purpose of all life is to breathe
Just like a bird flying in the sky
An animal walking on dry land
A fish swimming in clear water
Or a plant growing in rich soil
You share a common life purpose
To constantly breathe in and out.

When things go wrong as they often do
Be assured that every day is a new beginning
It brings with it many unique possibilities
So take a deep breath and start again
Life is always worth living.

Quote by Venus Mystique
“I’m going to stay alive until I run out of breath and then I’ll die.”

Sometimes I repeat myself over and over again especially when I’m writing. Always end up with the same words on my blog. Thinking of another word can take hours and hours. Ha!Ha!

Creative writing, Vef


Gender equal opportunity can it be solved?


Can this age-old social problem be solved with a word? How important is our language in achieving gender equality? Vef is a word that refers to equality and the view that all people should be given equal treatment and not discriminated against based on gender. Vef enables this opportunity because it is a word that removes any prejudice associated with woman.

We use spoken and written language every day to convey ideas, thoughts and emotions to those around us. Sometimes we communicate accurately, at other times we’re not so correct. My question is what’s the best word to use when referring to an adult feme person?

Vef Foundation is all about coöperation, which means working together in an unselfish way, and achieving the desired result. Language allows us to coöperate on a very large scale. But first we must agree to use only words that are suitable for our purposes.

As the author of this blog my mission is to clearly define this amazing word. Vef is not just another word it’s a philosophy. I’ll also be writing about evolution of words and etymology (origins). Did you know that a sniglet is any word (made up) that should be in the dictionary but isn’t.


Vef definition
1. A feme (female) human being (as distinguished from man).
2. An adult feme (female) person (as distinguished from girl).

Vef noun = woman
Vaf noun = women (plural)

Vef encourages social unity
Terms such as feminine and masculine, used to describe the qualities of men and women, are always about expected gender characteristics and perpetuate the existing societal gender disparities which often look down on women while praising men. English language already has two gender specific pronouns that are balanced. Her and him are words of equal proportions as they both comprise one syllable and three letters. Man and woman are definitely not on the same terms.

Vef is a word that can co-exist with man and bring about linguistic harmony.

Proverbs & quotes
Vef will change a girl into a liberated adult person of her own making.
To be your own Vef is to be one’s self and go forward with confidence.
Dreams are the fruit of the womb of a Vef’s mind.

Gender equality is about using right language. So think before you speak. Written and spoken language has the ability to greatly influence our lives so it’s important we communicate in a proper way. Vef equals good use of vocabulary, it is universal and can be adopted by any society. This alternative word has the potential to change worlds. Vef is not about segregation, it is to do with bringing us together.

So let’s embrace and rejoice in our liberty.


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The Butterfly Effect


A mysterious butterfly is having a profound effect on my consciousness. It appeared to me recently in a dream and life is changing forever. So now I’m writing on this blog and I’ll tell you an amazing story. This novel covers such topics as feminism and gender equality. In years to come it shall be known that a word altered the course of human history. And this word is Vef ..

The butterfly effect in chaos theory seeks to explain how a delicate motion, such as the fluttering of butterfly wings, can end up triggering large-scale events such as hurricanes.

Reference: The behavior known as the butterfly effect can be seen..

I’d like to explore many ideas that I have and record my thoughts on this page. If indeed everything is connected then I’d like to put chaos theory to the test and see what happens.

Please stay tuned as further discoveries come to light.

Creative writing by Michelle J. Voynet


Sensual flowers are linked with romance


Flowers are sensual. In a botanical sense that’s quite literally true – flowers are plants reproductive organs, after all. And we humans have always picked up on their sex appeal. Throughout history, flowers have been linked with romance and love. With their intricate shapes, colours, patterns, and scents, blossoms are in many ways the definition of beauty. Flowers are one of nature’s most beautiful ideas.

Flower of Life
This here, her flower,
open and moist
awaiting her lover
to fill her, bursting
warm wet flesh on satin petals unfurling
she is a tight bud of love and pain and lust
throbbing, pulsing
through warm veins of hope and trust
pouring into womb and sealing heartache there
with brush strokes she lays her heartbreak bare
for all the world to see
for all the world to be
a flower
where life begins
despite twisted and broken limbs
she longs for life
within her, inside her
she is life obsessed with death
until her dying breath
the flower.
Creative writing, Vef (Gender equality in language.)

Poem inspired by Frida Kahlo


Awakening the girl within


Some quotes are truly worth posting. Don’t you agree? Vef is awakening the girl within to stand up for gender equality. These words have always given me delight and they make good reading. I’ve changed a word or two as it gives a sense of inspiration to the beginning of my blog. Okay! I’ll compose a poem and text will appear on this page in the near future.

I’m conscious of huge task ahead
I proudly support feminism
I have an interesting writers life
I realize it’ll be very difficult
I do want to change the world

If you think creating this word was easy? Well, I have to tell you it wasn’t. Please enjoy this literary journey as a fascinating story is told. See you back here again soon.

Creative writing by Michelle J. Voynet