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So what is our philosophy? Vef is a word that refers to gender equality and the view that people are given equal treatment and should not be discriminated against based on gender. Vef allows this opportunity because it’s a word that removes any gender prejudice associated with the derogatory term “woman”.

We use spoken and written language to convey our ideas, thoughts and emotions to those around us. Sometimes we communicate accurately and at other times we’re not quite so correct. Language is like a glue within a culture that joins everything together. Words are forms of linguistic expression that relay meaning and can be spoken, printed or written.

Vef is a word that is linguistically equal to man and it’s surely the best word to use when referring to an adult feme person.

The necessary criteria for deciding upon a word that will inevitably replace woman. Vef is more than just a simple word, it is a linguistic philosophy.

This word comprises three letters because often the most important words in our language have same number of characters. Man is a highly regarded word in our vocabulary and it consists of three letters. So if equal value is given to another term that defines an adult female person it must also be three letters.

Some other three-letter words that are of relevance to huonity (humanity) include air, boy, day, god, sky, sun. Oh! Vef adorns this word list nicely.

Venus begins with Ve .. so it’s proper they become the opening letters of a word that refers to an adult feme person. Man is usually associated with Mars and so we say “Men are from Mars”. Therefore, it is certainly right to use the same logic and equate Vef with Venus. Perhaps then we can say “girls are from Venus” .. does this sound silly? The first two letters of Mars are ma .. just as they are the first two letters of man. One of the most feminine letters in the English alphabet is f and when added to Ve gives us our chosen word.

Spell it simply
When you take the first two letters of Venus, which are Ve, then add f as in flower the result is Vef. Could there possibly be a more appropriate noun to replace woman?

Oh yes! It’s that simple. Venus flower = Vef

An interesting part of this formula examines religious belief that first man’s name was Adam and original woman’s name was Eve. Vef is a better analogy to Eve given it is a three-letter word containing the letters ‘ve’. Just as man is a good reference to Adam because it is also a 3 letter word and includes ‘ma’. Consequently, Vef is a perfect description.

Woman (etymology) derives from an old English word (wifman – servant) and means ‘man + wife’. Woman actually implies ‘of man’ and is a possessive noun that belongs only to him, it is obsolete and has long ago passed its use by date. If you look closely at the word woman it also contains another word besides man, and that word is own. Vef is the sole property of herself and this alternative word takes the place of woman. ??? (plural) replaces women so girls as children and adults do entirely belong to themselves.

The V-shape symbolizes a feme (female) vagina so it’s proper for a word considered as an alternative to woman starts with the letter V as in Vef.

The middle two letters of universe are ve and when you add f as in faith you get the word Vef. Also, put the words have and faith together and this is what you get: ha(vef)aith. So have a little faith in me.. Vef

Here are another two words you can put together: love + forever.
Oh wow! lo(vef)orever = Vef

Guess who isn’t included in the three-letter word club? Woman is a five-letter word so women are unable to join this club. Vef is an exact word that allows vaf (plural) to be equivalent members of this prestigious club.

Vef is a newly created word (Neologism), it was designed by rigorous analysis and gives you a choice.

Vef definition
1. A feme (female) humon (human) being (distinguished from man).
2. An adult feme female person (when a girl reaches maturity).
3. Feminine nature, characteristics, or feelings. Vef is in you adj. vefish adj. veflike, adj vefaly adj.

A word (plural)
1. Feme humon (human) beings (as distinct from men).
2. Adult feme persons (as distinct from girls).

Vef noun = woman
Vaf noun = women

Suggestions (Using the word Vef instead of man/woman)
Oh! It’s a Vef’s world = it’s not a man’s world
Vef has a happy life = woman has a not so happy life
She is an intelligent Vef = she is less intelligent as woman
A Vef’s work is always done = a woman’s work is never done
I’m delighted to be my own Vef = I’m not delighted to be a woman

Vef encourages social agreement
The English language already has two gender specific pronouns that are balanced. Her and him are words of equal proportions as they are both one syllable and three letters. Man and woman are definitely not equivalent terms. Vef is a word that can co-exist with man and bring about gender harmony.

Proverbs & quotes
Vef is a word that will change a girl into a liberated adult person of her own making.
Being known as Vef is preferable than belonging to an unsavoury term like woman.
To be one’s own Vef is to be one’s self with confidence.
Dreams are the fruit of the womb of a Vef’s mind.

Our language is a subtle way of persuasion and changing minds. Gender equality is possible only when society is agreed. Vef is universal and can be adopted by any person or culture on Earth. This word has ability to transform our world into a marvellous living place. Vef is not about segregation. Oh no! It’s to do with bringing everyone together. So let’s rejoice a new way of looking at ourselves in the coequal future.


This global community project seeks to learn as it teaches.
Vef is a non-profit organization. Copyright © 2013 – 2016


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