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Well after months of pondering I’ve decided to combine my WordPress blogs into one website. It hasn’t been easy to make this choice as I love both of these blogs and their personal written content. What I am going to do is this. In an hour or two I will buy site re-direct and give it a go.

Oh! It’s a lot of work but I’m ready to give this a good try. My other blog is taking shape and I can easily move pictures and words. Many of you already follow both blogs and I’m sure it will be for the best if I only have one blog to manage in future. Can I now say thanks to everyone one of you. This is a wonderful trip and the journey is not yet over.

I’ve enjoyed the many comments and likes. I’m making a list of all blogs that follow this blog and will be following them back shortly. I recently upgraded to a premium theme and last month Trademark approval was granted. I’d be wise to integrate my limited time and resources in the one place. It will be a true delight in anyone’s language to see you over at my other blog when the move is complete or even before.

Happy writings

Vef ❤

Image credit: Art by Shirley Reade



Believe in the power of your own wings


Recently I came across a proverb that I’m rather fond and here it is. To say I’m fond of this adage means that I don’t like it? Well it’s good but I’m not madly in love with it. Oh yes! I’m also fond of nature photography.

“A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking because her trust is, not on the strength of the branch, but on the power of her own wings. So the motto is always believe in yourself.”

I’ve worked very hard on my word project for almost ten years. It’s tough going and for all my efforts nothing much has happened apart from a lot of time and money invested. I guess that’s just the way it is with many ambitious endeavours. Personal feelings and emotions often slow me down. Blogging is one way of learning how to piece things together and gain knowledge of English language.

I’d write more in posts about gender equality however I’m not sure if anyone is reading. There’s plenty of good material about this subject on Vef Foundation home page.

Bye, Vef


Why does Google punish?


I’m angry because doctor Google is making my blogging life a misery. It seems the more I try to do the right thing and improve this WP blog, Google punishes.

I’ll give you an example. Recently I learned that my pictures are titled incorrectly or not given word titles at all. So like a good little bee I decided to get busy and fix them with descriptive titles and replace the old ones. Just using the same images with new titles. Every time I did this my blog slides down a long way in Google searches. Oh no! Not just a few places but more like a couple of pages.

That’s one example and here’s another. I’ve gone over all my old posts to tidy them up with fresh text and checking for broken links. So being fastidious I also checked grammar and punctuation just to get it right. Oops! Same thing again – blog drops in Google search.

What am I supposed to do? Making changes to Vef’s blog seems to be a no-no with Google. Yet I would have thought the opposite. I’d like to attract visitors and having appealing pages is one way of doing this. Perhaps not?

Bing and Yahoo have always had way better search results for this blog. So what’s the deal with Google? Why does Google continue to punish good behaviour?

I really should be getting on with the job of writing nice things about gender equality and finding pictures to post. However I’m spending hours and hours every day struggling with these annoying Google issues. Incidentally, most of the images used on this blog are taken from the Internet and where possible credit is given to author. I try to avoid infringing anyone’s copyright.

Just typed my blog name twice in quick succession because Google says it likes it this way. Keywords and all that stuff. Ha!Ha!

Okay! I get the hint. Google hates my blog. Yes! I’m upset.

Writing by Vef 🙂

Need help? Click on link: Google ranking factors


What’s an alternative word for woman?


My life’s project is to find an alternative word for woman.

I’ve learned the hard way that creating a practical word is not an easy task. Introducing a new word into a language is even more difficult. Vef is a word that has developed slowly over a period of eight long years. In the early days progress was slow and many other words considered before finally settling on Vef. The formula had to be perfect, any slight error in this word’s basic principles would signal its eventual failure and demise.

At first glance this may seem like a simple word, however it has enormous potential and meaning. Woman is an obsolete word, it needs to be up-dated. Vef is the proper word to inevitably replace woman.

Vef definition
1. A female human being (as distinguished from man).
2. An adult female person (as distinguished from girl).

Gender equality is possible only when social attitudes are harmonious. Written/spoken language is persuasive and our way of communicating. Vef equals right use of language and can be adopted by any group of people on Earth. Oh yes! A simple three-letter word can change our world and now is the ideal time. So we join together and happily embrace.

Feminism in writing by Michelle J. Voynet


Under the pale moonlight


Welcome to my blog. I’ve eaten dinner and listening to a song. Please enjoy reading the words. Just not sure how to categorize these lyrics?

Under The Pale Moonlight

Hear the song of the night, the nightingale is singing for me
O, your words are so cruel that they could smash my soul
And again, and again, but I could never live without
There’s no place to be here, than to be all alone

So stay, won’t you stay with me? And lay here by my side
Stay, and let me feel your skin as pale as moonlight.

Feminism in writing by, Vef

Song lyrics by Portuguese gothic rock band Aenima