Would I lie to you? Oh no!


Would I lie to you? Okay so let me explain! Vef might not be suitable to include in English language or any other language. However philosophy of this word opens my eyes to many incredible things. I often practice typing/reading vef in a sentence and I’m the first to admit that it doesn’t make a lot of sense. Well not always. Sometimes it’s easy to distinguish and makes good sense. If I juggle around the words I’m using and place them in correct order it works. Oh no, I most definitely wouldn’t lie to you baby. Ha!Ha!

Creative writing by, Michelle Voynet

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Believe in the power of your own wings


Recently I came across a proverb that I’m rather fond and here it is. To say I’m fond of this adage means that I don’t like it? Well it’s good but I’m not madly in love with it. Oh yes! I’m also fond of nature photography.

“A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking because her trust is, not on the strength of the branch, but on the power of her own wings. So the motto is always believe in yourself.”

I’ve worked very hard on my word project for almost ten years. It’s tough going and for all my efforts nothing much has happened apart from a lot of time and money invested. I guess that’s just the way it is with many ambitious endeavours. Personal feelings and emotions often slow me down. Blogging is one way of learning how to piece things together and gain knowledge of English language.

I’d write more in posts about gender equality however I’m not sure if anyone is reading. There’s plenty of good material about this subject on Vef Foundation home page.

Bye, Vef


Speak another word instead of woman


This word came to mind a long time ago and now it has become a part of my vocabulary. As a matter of fact I have a general aversion to using woman as a term. When I have thoughts (often) my brain knowingly converts woman to vef and when I read the same process occurs. Listening to radio or watching television are unpleasant experiences for me due to my dislike of the ugly word woman. Can’t take it anymore. Grrr. Oops! Did I offend anyone? Well I’ve got to tell you that back in 1980s I published a series of printed journals with woman in the title. I knew then what I know now and that woman just wasn’t quite right. It doesn’t sit correctly with my notion of proper language in the context of gender equality.

Woman derives from an old English word wifman and means man + wife. Actually woman implies ‘of man’ and it is a possessive noun that belongs only to man. Woman is obsolete and has passed its use by date. Vef belongs to herself and this present-day word replaces woman. Vaf (plural) belong to themselves and this word takes the place of women. I’ve borrowed a passage from an Agatha Christie novel and typed feme instead of woman. So please enjoy reading about feminism in a story the next time you pick up a good book.

Oh yes! I can speak another word and do so on a daily basis. Ha!Ha!

Creative writing by Michelle Voynet


Gender equality using naughty words


Gender equality can easily be achieved when we use non sexist language. Vef is not just a word for an adult feme person. It’s also good for men as it encourages the concept of fair play.

I’ve discovered and read this interesting quote on a feminist website. “No woman is beholden to her husband or any other man simply by virtue of being a woman.” Okay! Then I say in response: “What a load of shit.” Oops! I used naughty words. Of course, woman is bound to a man due to the word itself. Woman actually means (man + wife) and it’s a possessive noun. Vef is a liberal noun so reverse situation is true.

Questions & answers

How important is gender difference to us? What are the first words spoken immediately after the birth of a baby?

Gender is typically used with reference to social and cultural differences and not biological ones. We ask is it a boy or girl when a new baby is born. I accept girl and boy as being almost equal childhood terms, however I certainly do not regard the words man and woman as being equitable. Notice that woman usually follows man in a sentence, this is because they are not harmonious descriptions of both sexes. Woman gives the impression of belonging to man. Vef is a word that belongs to her own personality.

Gender equality is the absence of discrimination on the basis of a person’s sex in opportunities, the allocation of resources and benefits, or access to services. (Link)

Woman is obsolete and it should be replaced as it has many negative connotations. Vef is getting it right with language and is the ideal word to do this. Vef is a priority if equality is to be taken seriously.

Feme is the correct word to replace female. You girls don’t need the male part in this word.

Creative writing by Michelle Voynet


I’m in a total muddle about grammar


I have to say right from the outset that I’m in utter turmoil at the moment. Writing has never been my strong point and I don’t claim to be a world authority on the subject. I’m often confused when it comes to the precise use of words in a sentence. So I don’t pretend to be an expert in grammar and honestly it’s confusing. Most of the time I don’t know ‘which’ from ‘that’ and I’m always repeating myself.

Quite often choose a suitable looking letter and allow it to decide the next word and where to place it on my blog. Don’t mention spelling or I’ll surely burst. Gosh, always need to keep a paperback dictionary and thesaurus handy. Relying totally on the Internet for correctness is a mistake. Fluffy words are lovely and I often use them. Words aren’t really art forms, or are they? I don’t think I’ll ever be able to write properly. What is proper writing anyway? Just thought I’d post a quickie while I delve further into the mystery of linguistics. Okay! It’s back to the grammatical grind for me.

Vef is in a muddle. Ha!Ha!

Seeya 😉

These words are by Michelle Voynet


Creation of a genuine word


Way back in 2005 I first got the idea to create an alternative word for woman. I’m sure the idea had lingered around in my subconscious thoughts for considerably longer. Well anyway I noted the date (October 31st) in my diary and set about the task of creating this new word.

Vef was not my initial choice of a word to eventually replace woman. I hadn’t yet developed a proper formula so another word came to mind which wasn’t suitable. Part of the formula was correct and this earlier word did start with the letter V as in Venus. I’ve always known that any word created to take the place of woman must have ‘V’ as its first letter.

This earlier word stuck with me for a while and I put up a small website. All the while I kept working away at perfecting the formula that would point to this elusive word.

Finally in 2008 everything seemed to fit into place and Vef was chosen. So what followed then was years of analysis and confirmation about this word.

I was never really sure if it mattered and what about my desire to encourage gender equality. Would anyone else care if this word came into existence?

Oh my life would be simpler if only I was in love with something other than a three-letter word. However that’s the way it is. Yes I’ve got a big crush on Vef

Writing by, Michelle Julia Voynet

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Yes! I do enjoy kissing


Yes! I do enjoy kissing

Lately I’ve felt blown-away, so much has happened in my personal life and no time for posting. I’d like to tell you a little about what’s going on inside my head this week. It has to do with a passionate subject and I decided to refresh my knowledge with some quick research.

There is a lot more to kissing than sexual arousal. In fact, kissing serves a greater purpose in determining the suitability of a possible mate, as well as strengthening the bonds between existing ones.

From the moment you enter the act of a kiss, your entire self usually wants to follow the passion. Kissing is an antidote to reinvigorating a lethargic love life, it introduces a holistic approach to mind, body and soul.

Kissing on the lips is a physical expression of affection or love between two people in which the sensations of touch, taste, and smell are involved.

Wow! I also found this page ‘How To French-kiss’

Oops! I’m not showing likes on this post maybe just one or two.

Bye for now, Vef