Why do I enjoy solitude?


Hello friend,
I often ask myself why do I enjoy solitude? Oh! I’ve tried for so long to squeeze another blog post out of my crazy mind. Sometimes I get serious writer’s block and the words just don’t flow easily. I’m a blogger and writer so I enjoy a solitary lifestyle. How about you? Do artists, composers and writers need solitude to create their works, or are we just eccentric and lonely people?

As usual I’m at home alone on this rainy Monday evening in my small apartment, enjoying an alcoholic beverage and listening to music. Dinner is eaten so now I’m sitting in front of computer and blogging. It’s not that I’m anti-social, quite the reverse. I like other people but I feel uncomfortable in close social situations. Recently I moved to a new suburb of my big city to be among a mix of different cultures. It’s easier for me to feel at ease in a multi-cultural place. My neighbours are from such diverse countries as Ethiopia, Greece, India, Pakistan and Vietnam. I get along well with all of them.

1 : the quality or state of being alone or remote from others in society.
2 : a lonely place (as a desert)

Solitude is the state of being alone without being lonely and can lead to self-awareness. Solitude is something you choose..

Perhaps I suffer from a mental health condition which is known as: Schizoid personality disorder (SPD) is a personality disorder characterized by a lack of interest in social relationships, a tendency towards a solitary lifestyle.

Lately I’m unsure of many things including the role of feminism in our world. That’s something I’ll ponder on for a while longer.

Is it time to get out and about? Should I become more socially engaged? Wish you a good life.

Okay I’ll get back to my quiet space again, Vef ❤

Go watch this video: Buckethead – Baptism of solitude