Would I lie to you? Oh no!


Would I lie to you? Okay so let me explain! Vef might not be suitable to include in English language or any other language. However philosophy of this word opens my eyes to many incredible things. I often practice typing/reading vef in a sentence and I’m the first to admit that it doesn’t make a lot of sense. Well not always. Sometimes it’s easy to distinguish and makes good sense. If I juggle around the words I’m using and place them in correct order it works. Oh no, I most definitely wouldn’t lie to you baby. Ha!Ha!

Creative writing by, Michelle Voynet

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Gender equal opportunity can it be solved?


Can this age-old social problem be solved with a word? How important is our language in achieving gender equality? Vef is a word that refers to equality and the view that all people should be given equal treatment and not discriminated against based on gender. Vef enables this opportunity because it is a word that removes any prejudice associated with woman.

We use spoken and written language every day to convey ideas, thoughts and emotions to those around us. Sometimes we communicate accurately, at other times we’re not so correct. My question is what’s the best word to use when referring to an adult feme person?

Vef Foundation is all about coöperation, which means working together in an unselfish way, and achieving the desired result. Language allows us to coöperate on a very large scale. But first we must agree to use only words that are suitable for our purposes.

As the author of this blog my mission is to clearly define this amazing word. Vef is not just another word it’s a philosophy. I’ll also be writing about evolution of words and etymology (origins). Did you know that a sniglet is any word (made up) that should be in the dictionary but isn’t.


Vef definition
1. A feme (female) human being (as distinguished from man).
2. An adult feme (female) person (as distinguished from girl).

Vef noun = woman
Vaf noun = women (plural)

Vef encourages social unity
Terms such as feminine and masculine, used to describe the qualities of men and women, are always about expected gender characteristics and perpetuate the existing societal gender disparities which often look down on women while praising men. English language already has two gender specific pronouns that are balanced. Her and him are words of equal proportions as they both comprise one syllable and three letters. Man and woman are definitely not on the same terms.

Vef is a word that can co-exist with man and bring about linguistic harmony.

Proverbs & quotes
Vef will change a girl into a liberated adult person of her own making.
To be your own Vef is to be one’s self and go forward with confidence.
Dreams are the fruit of the womb of a Vef’s mind.

Gender equality is about using right language. So think before you speak. Written and spoken language has the ability to greatly influence our lives so it’s important we communicate in a proper way. Vef equals good use of vocabulary, it is universal and can be adopted by any society. This alternative word has the potential to change worlds. Vef is not about segregation, it is to do with bringing us together.

So let’s embrace and rejoice in our liberty.


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