Good Book Writers Don’t Give Up


Good book writers don’t you give up. That’s my motto. But I’ve certainly got no great expectations about having a book published anytime soon. I do tend to spend a lot of my precious waking life conducting online research into the subjects of book writing and self publishing. I feel like giving up on the dream that my work will ever be seen in print. I’m probably not what’s commonly known as a talented writer, in fact I struggle to type legible sentences. My writing is not what you’d call ‘up to scratch’ and usually has a lot of word clangers. Yep! Used a cliché in a post last week only to learn that it wasn’t a fantastic idea so took it out. Honestly I prefer to play with words and often decide to place a word in a verse when it suits my whim.

Oh! I truly enjoy writing on impulse, this is a lazy way of expression, and not being too concerned about grammatical correctness. Undertook French language studies at high school and the only word I can remember with any clarity is bonjour, it translates to good morning or hello in English. Why am I persevering with this book notion if I can’t write properly? Guess I’ll stick to blogging, no one cares too much if I get it all wrong. Ha!Ha!

Stumbled upon this article by Australian writer Ian Irvine while browsing and I think it’s certainly worth a good read. Oops! Don’t cry before you reach the end like I did. Snipped a bit from the page to add to this post and a link.

The image used on my page is amazing but I don’t know who the owner is to give credit. Images on this blog are sometimes found on the Internet and permission to post is sort so as not to infringe copyright. The artist who created image used on top of this page has now contacted me and I am delighted to give credit and a link which applies to this lovely picture.

I’ve toyed with the idea of a co-author scenario, just not sure how this would work in practice? If you are interested this project my email address is on Vef contact page. Recently looked up the word clanger and it means a bad or embarrassing mistake. Okay so I can’t see clearly enough to proof read this text any further. BooHoo! It’s been another sleepless night and I’m needing a frightfully long snooze.

Creative writing by Michelle Voynet

Image © Alaya Gadeh and Elizabeth May



The Birth Of Venus and Gender Equality


Venus is more than just another planet in our solar system, she is also a focus of legend and mystery. I have a particular love of art which depicts Venus in her many forms. This painting by Joseph Stella is certainly one of the best examples. Venus is often specified in a feminine way and that’s part of my story. Vef was created, not by accident, but by clever design and the evolution of a precise formula. Vef is a word meaning Venus flower and gives the logical basis for her existence.

Joseph Stella (1877-1946) was an early modernist who later adopted an archaic figurative style, albeit one executed in a bright 20th-century palette. He was a deeply conflicted artist who struggled to reconcile the classical spirit of the Renaissance with the chaotic energy of modern industrial society.

The effort produced a remarkable and intriguing body of work, one that hasn’t been fully appreciated even by those people who know his most famous image, the Brooklyn Bridge painted as a modernist icon.

In 1919-20, he created an extraordinary painting, Tree of My Life, that portends the rest of this career. It’s a magical fantasy of plants, flowers, birds and insects suffused with a radiant light, like a pantheist altarpiece.

That painting inspired a series of delicate botanicals – flowers and plant forms executed in silverpoint and crayon – followed by restatements of classical themes such as The Birth of Venus and religious ones such as the Virgin Mary.

Gender equality, also known as sex equality, refers to the view that boys and girls should receive equal treatment, and should not be discriminated against based on gender, unless there is a sound biological reason for different treatment. Vef asks you this one important question. How can equality be possible if the words used to describe man and woman are not linguistically equal? Woman is a possessive noun. It is a five letter word that originates from man, which has three letters. That doesn’t seem equal to me or perhaps I’m completely stupid.

There have been many efforts by world bodies including the United Nations to fight inequality which have largely failed. Happily there is a solution to the problem of gender equality. Okay let’s begin with right use of language and get to a balanced starting point. Not defining words properly is a sure recipe for discussions and debates that lead nowhere, and heated arguments that are as passionate as they are meaningless. Vef is a three-letter word so in my opinion it is a better alternative to woman. A savvy girl wants the same number of letters as man to give her similar opportunities.

Oh yes! Venus flower also desires the number three. So please acknowledge her as Vef and then she will have gender equality.

Creative writing by Michelle Voynet

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I’m in a total muddle about grammar


I have to say right from the outset that I’m in utter turmoil at the moment. Writing has never been my strong point and I don’t claim to be a world authority on the subject. I’m often confused when it comes to the precise use of words in a sentence. So I don’t pretend to be an expert in grammar and honestly it’s confusing. Most of the time I don’t know ‘which’ from ‘that’ and I’m always repeating myself.

Quite often choose a suitable looking letter and allow it to decide the next word and where to place it on my blog. Don’t mention spelling or I’ll surely burst. Gosh, always need to keep a paperback dictionary and thesaurus handy. Relying totally on the Internet for correctness is a mistake. Fluffy words are lovely and I often use them. Words aren’t really art forms, or are they? I don’t think I’ll ever be able to write properly. What is proper writing anyway? Just thought I’d post a quickie while I delve further into the mystery of linguistics. Okay! It’s back to the grammatical grind for me.

Vef is in a muddle. Ha!Ha!

Seeya 😉

These words are by Michelle Voynet


Under the pale moonlight


Welcome to my blog. I’ve eaten dinner and listening to a song. Please enjoy reading the words. Just not sure how to categorize these lyrics?

Under The Pale Moonlight

Hear the song of the night, the nightingale is singing for me
O, your words are so cruel that they could smash my soul
And again, and again, but I could never live without
There’s no place to be here, than to be all alone

So stay, won’t you stay with me? And lay here by my side
Stay, and let me feel your skin as pale as moonlight.

Feminism in writing by, Vef

Song lyrics by Portuguese gothic rock band Aenima


Staying alive and breathing


I’d like to share these chosen words of wisdom. Sometimes life is too much and breathing is the last thing I want to do. But I just have to keep on staying alive. So I’ll take a deep breath and enjoy the aroma of lovely pink flowers.

You are a conscious living entity
The purpose of all life is to breathe
Just like a bird flying in the sky
An animal walking on dry land
A fish swimming in clear water
Or a plant growing in rich soil
You share a common life purpose
To constantly breathe in and out.

When things go wrong as they often do
Be assured that every day is a new beginning
It brings with it many unique possibilities
So take a deep breath and start again
Life is always worth living.

Quote by Venus Mystique
“I’m going to stay alive until I run out of breath and then I’ll die.”

Sometimes I repeat myself over and over again especially when I’m writing. Always end up with the same words on my blog. Thinking of another word can take hours and hours. Ha!Ha!

Creative writing, Vef