Discover who you really are

Seems like the whole world of language is wrong and it feels bad. Well it’s very disturbing for me. How do you discover who you really are? When are you girls going to wake up and stop calling yourself a woman? This word is enslaving you and preventing any genuine form of equality. Wo-man should be relinquished from our vocabulary forever so that healing can begin. There’s no need to include man in our word. Just say wom and the problem is solved. Try using wom in a sentence and you’ll see how easy it is. Change can only happen if you unlock your mind.

Okay! I’ve had my say and I know I’m right. I think you’re magnificent so please wake up. Girls it’s time to discover who you actually are. Life is yours for the taking 😉


Oh no! I’m not man’s property


This blog is dedicated to freeing up our masculine language. Woman does not have self identity because her word is attached to man.

Oh no! She is the property of his word.

Female is a totally unacceptable word. Don’t need the male part. Feme solves this problem. Human is exclusively a man’s word. Can’t you think of something better? Women are lacking independence from the word “men”.

It’s time to obtain our self-respect and dignity.

The United States Declaration of Independence fails to include all people, only men. Yuck!

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all “men” are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

This has been called “one of the best-known sentences in the English language”, containing “the most potent and consequential words in American history”.

United States of America is a male dominated, sexist culture and it’s not the only one. The word “equality” does not appear anywhere in the United States Constitution.

These historical documents are non inclusive, sexist and blatantly wrong. Girls are not guys. You gals are being misspelled. Please don’t underestimate the power of words.

Flowers are a big part of my life and I like to include everyone in writing.


Reference: Wikipedia


Sexualization of girls in media is a no-no


Hello Dear Reader,
Apologies my blog posts are occasional due to contracting a viral infection. Well actually I need to slow down a bit so I can research articles properly. That said I’m often upset by the way girls are portrayed as sex objects in the media. I’ve just completed a week of study into the topic of sexualization of girls and I have concluded that there is a general lack of action on this serious problem. It’s a vicious circle and girls are groomed from a young age to participate in seemingly innocent photo opportunities. This to me is a sexual no-no and it’s a vast global industry fuelled in large part by corporate greed, social media and digital technology.

The exact definition of no-no is something that should not be done or is against the rules. Sexualization of girls in media is a disturbing and often unnoticed modern-day trend. There’s a difference between owning your sexuality and being sexualized. It’s a fact that girls are faced with everyday. Sexualization of girls in media is forbidden or not advisable, as because of being improper or unsafe.

Magazines, television, video games and music videos all have a harmful effect, a task force from the American Psychological Association has reported. The proliferation of sexualized images of young girls in advertising, merchandising and media is harming girls’ self-image and healthy development. Eating disorders, low self-esteem, and depression are the most common mental health problems in girls. The Report of The American Psychological Association (APA) Task Force on The Sexualization of Girls , issued in 2007, points out the connection between these problems and the sexualization of girls.

The American Psychological Association (APA) suggests that the proliferation of sexual images of girls in the media is harming their self-image and development. “We have ample evidence to conclude that sexualization has negative effects in a variety of domains, including cognitive functioning, physical and mental health, and healthy sexual development,” said Dr Eileen Zurbriggen, Chair of the APA Task Force. “The consequences of the sexualization of girls in media today are very real and are likely to be a negative influence on girls’ healthy development,” she said. The (APA) task force was set up after mounting public concern about the sexualization of young girls. Journalists, child advocacy organizations, parents and psychologists have argued that the sexualization of girls is a broad and increasing problem and is harmful to girls.

The Sexualization of Girls and Mental Health Problems: Is There a Connection?

There are several components to sexualization, and these set it apart from healthy sexuality. Sexualization occurs when;

1. a person’s value comes only from their sexual appeal or behavior, to the exclusion of other characteristics.
2. a person is held to a standard that equates physical attractiveness (narrowly defined) with being sexy.
3. a person is sexually objectified — that is, made into a thing for others’ sexual use rather than seen as a person with the capacity for independent action and decision making.
4. sexuality is inappropriately imposed upon a person.

All four conditions need not be present as any one is an indication of sexualization. The fourth condition (the inappropriate imposition of sexuality) is especially relevant to children.

Images of sexualized girls are becoming increasingly common in advertising and marketing material. Girls who seem aged 12 years and under are dressed, posed and made up in the same way as sexy adult models. “Corporate pedophilia” is a metaphor used to describe advertising and marketing that sexualizes girls in these ways.

Study Shows TV’s Increased Sexual Exploitation of Teen Girls

So how important is bad language in our acceptance of girls as sex objects? Well as far as I’m concerned it’s right up there as a primary cause. Woman is a major problem because it’s an out-dated word that gives men perceived ownership of all girls. I’m reminded of the lyrics of a popular song by Neil Diamond: “Girl, you’ll be a woman soon. Soon you’ll need a man.” Yuck! Woman is a man’s word and thus gives rise to a man’s world. Gender possessive references like this to girls are found in all areas of our society. The need for action is urgent and gender correct terms included in our vocabulary are a big part of the solution. Vef is recommended as a proper word to describe an adult female person.

Why is male included in the word female? I suggest using the word feme and thus creating a balance. Feme and male are coequal words. Feme can be embraced as the proper word to describe a person (animal or plant) who is distinct from male.

Oh Yes! Positive change will take a long time but it must be done for the sake of both sexes. Vef Foundation is actively encouraging the notion of gender equality for boys and girls. Would you like to take part in this discussion? If so I urge you to leave a comment. Many thanks.

Feminism in writing by Michelle Voynet


Speak another word instead of woman


This word came to mind a long time ago and now it has become a part of my vocabulary. As a matter of fact I have a general aversion to using woman as a term. When I have thoughts (often) my brain knowingly converts woman to vef and when I read the same process occurs. Listening to radio or watching television are unpleasant experiences for me due to my dislike of the ugly word woman. Can’t take it anymore. Grrr. Oops! Did I offend anyone? Well I’ve got to tell you that back in 1980s I published a series of printed journals with woman in the title. I knew then what I know now and that woman just wasn’t quite right. It doesn’t sit correctly with my notion of proper language in the context of gender equality.

Woman derives from an old English word wifman and means man + wife. Actually woman implies ‘of man’ and it is a possessive noun that belongs only to man. Woman is obsolete and has passed its use by date. Vef belongs to herself and this present-day word replaces woman. Vaf (plural) belong to themselves and this word takes the place of women. I’ve borrowed a passage from an Agatha Christie novel and typed feme instead of woman. So please enjoy reading about feminism in a story the next time you pick up a good book.

Oh yes! I can speak another word and do so on a daily basis. Ha!Ha!

Creative writing by Michelle Voynet


Gender equality using naughty words


Gender equality can easily be achieved when we use non sexist language. Vef is not just a word for an adult feme person. It’s also good for men as it encourages the concept of fair play.

I’ve discovered and read this interesting quote on a feminist website. “No woman is beholden to her husband or any other man simply by virtue of being a woman.” Okay! Then I say in response: “What a load of shit.” Oops! I used naughty words. Of course, woman is bound to a man due to the word itself. Woman actually means (man + wife) and it’s a possessive noun. Vef is a liberal noun so reverse situation is true.

Questions & answers

How important is gender difference to us? What are the first words spoken immediately after the birth of a baby?

Gender is typically used with reference to social and cultural differences and not biological ones. We ask is it a boy or girl when a new baby is born. I accept girl and boy as being almost equal childhood terms, however I certainly do not regard the words man and woman as being equitable. Notice that woman usually follows man in a sentence, this is because they are not harmonious descriptions of both sexes. Woman gives the impression of belonging to man. Vef is a word that belongs to her own personality.

Gender equality is the absence of discrimination on the basis of a person’s sex in opportunities, the allocation of resources and benefits, or access to services. (Link)

Woman is obsolete and it should be replaced as it has many negative connotations. Vef is getting it right with language and is the ideal word to do this. Vef is a priority if equality is to be taken seriously.

Feme is the correct word to replace female. You girls don’t need the male part in this word.

Creative writing by Michelle Voynet


Gender equality is letting go of woman


Oops! It’s been a while since I last posted. There’s much complex online technical activity to sort out. First I’d like to thank a lovely WordPress friend Amanda for inspiring me to write this short piece. Okay! So now let’s get to the point of my blog. Vef is a word I created many years ago to address the nagging issue of gender equality. Could it be that simple? Just replace the word ‘woman’ with a three-letter word called Vef and problem solved. Oh yes! It’s all about letting go.

Having or showing qualities (such as beauty or gentleness) that are expected in a woman. The term womanly is considered inferior to man.

I have a better suggestion; Vefaly

Words are persuasive, we use them to identity ourselves and others. Words tend to give us our place in society. Vef certainly does mean Venus flower. So when you take the first two letters of Venus (which are Ve), then add f you get the word Vef. Woman is a man’s word that carries with it a lot of stigma. Wow! That’s a bit strong or is it? Ha! I think not. Equality refers to equal opportunity for both sexes.

You can read more about this important subject on Our Philosophy page.

Creative writing by Michelle Voynet


Creation of a genuine word


Way back in 2005 I first got the idea to create an alternative word for woman. I’m sure the idea had lingered around in my subconscious thoughts for considerably longer. Well anyway I noted the date (October 31st) in my diary and set about the task of creating this new word.

Vef was not my initial choice of a word to eventually replace woman. I hadn’t yet developed a proper formula so another word came to mind which wasn’t suitable. Part of the formula was correct and this earlier word did start with the letter V as in Venus. I’ve always known that any word created to take the place of woman must have ‘V’ as its first letter.

This earlier word stuck with me for a while and I put up a small website. All the while I kept working away at perfecting the formula that would point to this elusive word.

Finally in 2008 everything seemed to fit into place and Vef was chosen. So what followed then was years of analysis and confirmation about this word.

I was never really sure if it mattered and what about my desire to encourage gender equality. Would anyone else care if this word came into existence?

Oh my life would be simpler if only I was in love with something other than a three-letter word. However that’s the way it is. Yes I’ve got a big crush on Vef

Writing by, Michelle Julia Voynet

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I have a question about gender equality

windswept beauty

I’d like to ask you a question. How can gender equality be possible if the words used to describe men and women are not equal? Man is a one syllable three-letter word and woman is a term derived from the word man. Woman has five letters. That doesn’t seem equal to me or perhaps I’m completely vacuous.

Gender equality refers to the view that men and women should receive equal treatment, and not be discriminated against based on gender. I say there have been many efforts by world bodies including the United Nations to fight inequality which has largely failed. Girls grow up to be called women and this is the worst thing we do to them. Sexist language gives both male and female the wrong opinion of each other.

Happily there is a solution to this problem. Let’s start with correct use of language and get an equal starting point. Vef is a three-letter word so in a manner of speaking it is a better alternative to woman. Okay let me put it another way – I’m on the starting blocks in a foot race and my allotted number is five because I’m known as a woman. In the next lane is a man and his allotted number is three, so he gets to start the race two places ahead of me. Hey! Something’s not quite right here? Being called a woman seems to be a handicap. I want the same number as man to give me equal opportunity to win the race. Yes, I also want the number three. So please refer to me as Vef and I will be on my way to equality.

Feminism & writing by Vef 🙂

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