Discover who you really are

Seems like the whole world of language is wrong and it feels bad. Well it’s very disturbing for me. How do you discover who you really are? When are you girls going to wake up and stop calling yourself a woman? This word is enslaving you and preventing any genuine form of equality. Wo-man should be relinquished from our vocabulary forever so that healing can begin. There’s no need to include man in our word. Just say wom and the problem is solved. Try using wom in a sentence and you’ll see how easy it is. Change can only happen if you unlock your mind.

Okay! I’ve had my say and I know I’m right. I think you’re magnificent so please wake up. Girls it’s time to discover who you actually are. Life is yours for the taking 😉


Awakening the girl within


Some quotes are truly worth posting. Don’t you agree? Vef is awakening the girl within to stand up for gender equality. These words have always given me delight and they make good reading. I’ve changed a word or two as it gives a sense of inspiration to the beginning of my blog. Okay! I’ll compose a poem and text will appear on this page in the near future.

I’m conscious of huge task ahead
I proudly support feminism
I have an interesting writers life
I realize it’ll be very difficult
I do want to change the world

If you think creating this word was easy? Well, I have to tell you it wasn’t. Please enjoy this literary journey as a fascinating story is told. See you back here again soon.

Creative writing by Michelle J. Voynet